The Authors

Amélie, Noélise, etc

Clockwise from bottom left: Antoine, Amélie, Noélise, Catherine and Lindy. Noah in the middle. (July 2002)

The summer of 1997, Noélise (Nanou), my goddaughter, came to Canada to spend a few weeks with us in our Aurora house and in Florida for a memorable vacation.

Nanou was a wonderfully intelligent and joyful twelve year-old, and I believe that she is still today as joyful and intelligent.

As a joke, I told her about my water conservation technique of taking “flash showers”.  She found it all so funny.  We would have competitions in the bathroom, both trying to outpace the other.  She though I was crazy.  She was not entirely wrong in her assessment.

When she went back to Belgium, a few weeks later, Nanou and Amélie, her older sister, started together the story of “Lucky Douche : l’homme qui prend sa douche plus vite que son ombre”.

The story of “Lucky Douche” is the story of a nice guy, slightly naive and nerdy, whose main aim in life is to “take showers faster than his own shadow”.

It is a parody based on the cartoon character called “Lucky Luke : l’homme qui tire plus vite que son ombre”.  (The man who shoots faster than his shadow).

Over the next few months, Noélise and Amélie created six wonderfully funny adventures of “Lucky Douche” and his atler ego “Lucly Couche”.