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Amélie and Noélise created six incredibly exciting adventures of “Lucky Douche” – sometimes called “Lucky Couche” when involved in more time-critical “scatological” adventures.  Lucky has indeed two aims in life: taking the shortest showers (douches) and changing diapers (couches) faster than his own shadow.

The incredible adventures of Lucky are:

  • Lucky Douche in Florida
  • Winter showers
  • Lucky Couche needs a hand
  • Lucky’s birthday
  • Lucky Couche Easter special
  • Lucky Couche at the fair

You can see these adventures as automated sideshows on my Photography Website.  I have placed them in a category called “Lucky Douche” in a section called “Other Projects”.  Once you are on the slideshow page, simply select the story you want to see and click the “slideshow” button in the top right corner.  Hit “Escape” to quit the slideshow.  If you want to get back to this site, simply select the “Lucky” button on the menu bar.

Enjoy the slideshows!

Have fun … and have pity for the poor Lucky …