Who is Lucky?

Lucky is truly a simple guy who does not fit too well in a world that he does not always understand.  He is a dreamer.  He, long ago, lost his religion and most illusions.  He still remains wonderfully naive, clumsy, fatally distracted and above all, intolerant of any form of intolerance.

Lucky is also known to have a rather debilitating congenital defect … a very very large … heart … and a very small … bladder.  Pee Wee to those who thought of Père Ubu!  His doctor once told him with rather limited compassion that there would never be sufficient space in a human torso for both a normal bladder and such a large heart.  Something had to give … tea with lemon … and uninterrupted nights.

Lucky was born in Belgium, the country of Tintin, Asterix, the Smurfs and Lucky Luke.  He somehow found himself immersed in the Great White North where maple syrup has replaced chocolate.   He now lives in Toronto with his wonderful wife Lindy, (“la femme la plus extraordinaire du monde” he often says), his scary cat Misty, and his mischievous son Noah, who always finds new ways to make his dad crazy!

Lucky has a couple of deep passions in life.  Love … Beauty … Art … and an uncontrollable compulsion towards water conservation!

In recent years, Lucky has attempted to break all conservation world records … from the shortest shower, to the fastest change of diaper.  Alas, Lucky always falls short.  The opacity of the world, its heaviness, its insubordination always collides with Lucky’s aspirations.  In many ways, Lucky is truly unlucky.  Lucky’s true symbol is a lot like the first letter of his name … a big “L” on his forehead …

Does Lucky Douche have any resemblance to the real life Lucky?  I can’t deny it entirely.  I have to admit, with some philosophical fatalism, that I am indeed truly Lucky.  Not only because of my often missed under-water performances, but simply because no one could truly be more lucky than me, having such sarcastic admirers (and indulgent critics) as Amélie and Noélise whom I love with all my (enlarged) heart.

As Amélie puts it astutely, from the light of her 12 candles …